You surf,
We analyse,
You improve.

The better you get at surfing, the more fun you have.

But let’s be honest, it’s a difficult sport!

Practice makes better but learning on your own makes it longer and frustrating.

Taking lessons doesn’t really help since they only teach the basics.

Your surfing needs to be analysed to get personalized advice.

Our coaching technique will help you get better and faster.

Who is it for?

For surfers who:

  • know the basics but struggle to improve
  • don’t catch many waves or mainly close-outs
  • struggle to turn
  • lose speed after the take off
  • can’t generate speed
  • have spaghetti arms after an hour

Where is it?

San Sebastian, Spain

One of the best places to practice surf for all levels. There is much to do, both in and out of the water. The surf lodge is only located 5 minutes to Zurriola beach.

Map showing San sebastian
Skyview of the house in San Sebastian

What do we do?

Video analysis of your waves

Seeing yourself surfing is key for an efficient progression. Very often, what you think you are doing on the surfboard, and what you are actually doing, are two different things.

This is why we film your sessions.

We will review your waves to spot errors with video analysis tools and give personalized tips.

photograph filming on the beach
video analysis of a surfer3
Analysis of wave on a tablet1

Paddling analysis on land

Many people under-estimate the importance of being able to paddle well. An effective paddling makes the difference between a poor and a good surfer, as it affects your ability to catch waves early enough. We will review your technique and give you some key pointers to improve.

surfer paddling on land

Take off analysis on land

To state the obvious, water is an unstable surface, which means every move you do has an impact. When you stand up on a wave, the key is not to lose speed. We will review your technique to correct bad habits and will analyze your stance to avoid loss of speed on a wave.

Speed generation

Learning how to generate speed on a surfboard is a crucial element to improving your surfing. With this special skate that reproduces the surf moves, we will teach you how to generate speed on a wave as well as bottom turns, cutbacks, snaps and rollers.

Additional services

Nutrition tips

If you are tired after 30 minutes in the water, it could be linked to what you eat. Our nutritionist expert will review your food habits and will give you some tips to perform better during your future sessions.

nutritionist talking to a surfer

Physio tips

The last thing you want is being out of the water because of some sore muscles and joints. Surfing injuries can be minimised by being aware of its possible causes, and most importantly, conditioning your body before riding the wave. Our surf physio will give you all the insights to prevent injuries during your future sessions.

physio exercise at home

Surf destinations tips

Based on your level, we’ll give you travel tips and recommendations on surf spots around the world that best fit your needs based on: Wave type, Wave difficulty, Crowd, Water temperature, Budget, Hazard.

Our offer


Contact us at:    and tell us about your surfing experience: 

  • when you started
  • which frequency
  • which board size you usually ride
  • where you’ve been surfing
  • what you can/would like to do on a wave

We will come back to you with a quote based on your expectations.


The coach

He’s a reliability engineer, specialised in analysing equipment failures, and providing solutions. 

What does that have to do with surfing?

Well, he’ll be using the same approach to improve your surfing.

… and he also has 15 years of surfing experience.

Surf teacher on a wave